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Live mix Heaps Good As Friday Dubs (2nd of April, 2010)

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Funky Love

Live Mixes


2nd of April - Heaps Good As Friday Dubs

5th fo March - Late Night Disco Snack


12th of April - Sunday Night Hip Hop

26th of April - Sunday Beers And Music

5th of May - Long Weekend Hip Hop Warmup

6th of May - Saturday Martini Mix

20th of September - Sunday Surprise Sausage Sizzle

Other Mixes


Donut's 2008 Coast Party

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  1. Hi i was looking at the new cdj 2000 today i was thinking at what piont would a dj no longer have to any skills with all the new auto settings on most cdj,s now days its not hard to beat match along side all the efects buttons yes you still have to element of skill?

  2. I have looking round at what sort of Music to start out mixing with on my cdj400 any one have any pointers?

  3. Hi I am a Female dj I want to Start DJing . I would probably just be in my room, I

  4. If i was about to buy some cdj what cdj should i buy Cdj 400 or cdj 1000 this is for use at home i have about

  5. LM9shS Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

  6. Do you think the attending DJ school,s are they worth the money or is just keep working at it and viewing vids on u tube i found this good help so far but could do with a little more help

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